Grouse Mountain

Grouse mountain MapThe British Columbia’s Pacific Ranges have many North Shore Mountains. One of them is the Grouse Mountain. It is at an altitude of about 4000 feet and has an alpine ski point during the winters that overlooks Greater Vancouver. This is a much loved place by people from all over the world, including the locals. No wonder it is open throughout 365 days in a year. It has a range of attractions round the year, with variations as per the season. From downtown Vancouver, it takes about 25 minutes only to reach Grouse Mountain.

During your Grouse Mountain holiday, you have an option to take a gondola to reach the mountain top, along with your ski gear or snowboards and enjoy the scenic views of the city below. There is something for everyone here. The summer season has many attractions, like the ‘Grouse Grind,’ Lumberjack Show, Birds in Motions Demonstrations etc. The winters are a ski and snowboarding galore for all the enthusiasts. For the foodies, there are restaurants and bistros with the most beautiful views. There are about 26 slopes for skiing and snowboarding purpose. This guarantees a complete fun package for your entire family and friends during your Grouse Mountain trip.

The Grouse Mountain’s Snow School is a very respected and one of the oldest schools in Western Canada. For locals and visitors, who love to ski and snowboard down the fabulous slopes, they can take basic and advanced lessons to polish their skills on the snow. In comparison to the other 3 mountains of the North Shore, Grouse is the most popular, as ski and boarding buffs can purchase passes at reasonable prices. This makes the vacation at  Grouse Mountain, even more exciting!

To be able to have the most unlimited fun down the lovely slopes of Grouse, it is advisable to get some information in advance. As the ski runs are limited, it is best to find out in advance as to which runs are open for use that year. The holiday seasons are very crowded and you may want to check the best time for loads of uninhibited enjoyment while on your Grouse Mountain vacation. During the summers, snow can be scarce and you should check beforehand to know which runs are open for skiing.

The ski and snowboarding season is open during December and May every year. For the gondola ride starting from the base to the mountain top, there are 4 chairlifts and 2 quads available. These run on 26 runs and some of these even operate for night boarding and skiing purpose. There are runs for beginners, intermediates, advanced and expert, ski and snowboarding aficionados. Such awesome features and facilities, will for sure make a Grouse Mountain trip totally memorable.

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